The best eyeglasses lenses and frame for high nearsighted prescription

Nowadays, more and more people have to wear prescription glasses and prescription sunglasses in their daily lives. It could be a hassle for those people who have a strong and high prescription. They are afraid of the “fishbowl” (fun house mirror) effect when they are not looking through the center and they are also scared that the coke bottom will bring a bad appearance. They have been looking for the perfect frame for their high prescription. This article will provide you some suggestions about how to choose a right lens and frame for your high prescription.

As to lenses, I think most wearers are not unfamiliar with the high index lenses, and yes, the best choice for a high prescription is the high index plastic lens with aspheric design such as 1.67 high index plastic lenses. They are as much as 35% thinner than the standard plastic lenses which is sometimes called as CR-39 lenses. With aspheric design, it could reduce chromatic aberration and edge distortion giving good all round vision. In addition, their UV protection can up to 380nm, and they are much stronger than standard lenses. For those reasons, they are considered to be the No.1 choice for a high prescription.

For a strong negative prescription, the lenses are usually very thick on the edge even with those high index lenses. The thickness of the lenses for negative prescription is the outer side of the lens, the more shaven off, the thinner it looks. To minimize the edge thickness, frame is another factor that we should take into account. Generally, you are suggested to choose frames with small lens width and lens height; frames which is fairly round or oval (no corners) are also recommended. As to material, the best option will be the titanium frames with nose pads, lightweight and adjustable for right fitting on your nose. is an online eyeglasses store selling cheap prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses. Their high index lenses start from $24.95 with free anti-scratch coating and UN protection coating. The web site features virtual try-on system which could help you make informed decision on frame choices. Their helpful and knowledgeable customer service staff will help you to choose the best suitable frame and lenses based on your needs so that best overall aesthetic result is achieved while keeping the cost to minimum.

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